A presentation is a group of teaching file cases. A presentation may be used in several ways, including :

  • Live presentations at a conference. These can be started now or scheduled for the future with an specific end time.
  • Test that users are assigned to complete by a certain time
  • Group of cases that can be viewed at any time

Recent RSNA meetings used RadPix for interactive presentations Link.

To view presentations, first click the Presentation icon from the main page.

A window appears, showing the current status of the user’s presentations.

Presentation list, showing 1 Active Presentation and 2 total presentations for the user (My Presentations)

Active Presentations

Presentation NameName of presentation
CasesNumber of Cases in the presentation
PresenterUser that set up currently running event
Start / StopTime of start and stop of presentation
JoinPresenter and participant Button to launch presentation with role.
Copy to Clipboard copies the corresponding Presenter or Participant URL which can be emailed or displayed
ActionSchedule and Stop buttons
IDIdentification number of presentation

My Presentations

Presentation NameName of presentation
CasesNumber of Cases in the presentation
Created ByCreator of the presentation
EditClick to Edit
StartClick to Start
StopClick to Stop
SchedSchedule Presentation Event
PresCopy URL for Presenter to clipboard
PartCopy URL for Participant to clipboard
DeleteDelete Presentation
IDIdentification number of presentation

Edit Presentation

NameName of Presentation
DescriptionAdditional description of Presentation
Initial LayoutInitial image layout for presenter and participants can show 1 (1 x 1), 4 (2 x 2) or 6 (3 x 2) images
Created byPresentation creator
View PermissionsRadPix groups or users that can view the Presentation
Edit PermissionsRadPix groups or users that can edit the Presentation
Presentation LogoLogo that will be used to designate this presentation


Cases display in this section. Reorder cases with Drag and Drop. Click Green Save icon (upper left) to save new Order. Click the delete icon on left to remove case from presentation.


The Events tab allows the user to schedule and start a presentation, and also see the status of the current presentation. Completed presentations are also visible.

Presentation running
Presentation completed

Scheduling Presentations

Select the start and end time and date and then click the green “Schedule Presentation” button. Clicking the duration of the presentation will adjust the end time as needed.

Start Presentation

Select end time for presentation.