Case Review Process

RadPix Teaching File System supports a reviewing system that can be used to ensure proper review of cases prior to public dissemination. Each of the user roles listed below has the authority to perform any role listed above it in the list.


  • Create cases.


  • Review cases and can send them back to the author to modifications, or approve the case for editor review.


  • Review cases approved by the reviewer and can send the case back to an author or reviewer for modifications or can approve the case and send it to the publisher.


  • Review cases and can approve for release to the public or can send the cases back to editor, reviewer, or editor.

An editing panel is used to track the status of each case, which includes comments, dates and times, and other reviewers names. Only users with the roles of Author, Editor, Reviewer or Publisher can see the editing panel. When users with these roles view a case, the Edit icon is visible in the upper left corner of the screen.

Following completion of the review process above, the cases can be set for public viewing or limited to viewing only by registered users.