Set up AETitles

It is easy to set up a PACS to send images to RadPix teaching file system. A PACS admin will have to add a DICOM SCP (destination) that includes:

  • IP Address of RadPix server
  • AETitle can be set to anything, i.e. “RadPix”, “TeachingFile”, etc. (No spaces allowed)
  • Title of the Destination can be set to something that makes sense to the end user: “Teaching File”, “My Teaching File”, etc.
  • Port number of RadPix Server, default 1090.

Using the AETitle to tag cases with a subspecialty is recommended. This allows a user to filter on subspecialty when looking for cases in the Draft area, where it might be difficult to find a specific case.

When many cases are sent to the server, it is sometimes difficult for the user to find the ones he or she is looking for.  It is possible to set up multiple DICOM destinations on a PACS using only 1 IP address and port number, but with multiple AETitles.  For instance, set up multiple Destinations as follows, each with the same IP number and port number and the AETitles as listed below. Note: AETitles cannot have spaces in them.

Destination Title AETitle
Breast ImagingBI
Gastrointestinal GI
Neuroradiology NR
Vascular InterventionalVIR

The user will then select one of these send destinations when choosing a DICOM destination from the PACS. The draft cases will then be tagged with “Neuro” (purple NR icon) “Genitourinary” (yellow GU icon) or “Gastrointestinal” (green GI icon), etc. depending on the destination the images were sent to.

When combined with setting a default permission for each draft case as it is created, this creates a smooth transition to creating cases. The default permission is set to the group of users that can edit the cases. For instance, if the group “Department” contains all the users that can edit documents, using that group for the default permission. Anyone can send images to RadPix but only “Department” members can see the draft cases and edit them.

Click dropdown to select group for “New Case Default Permissions” from the DICOM SCP tab of Site Configuration

In the example below, the cases were tagged by subspecialty based on sending the images to a specific send destination. Although this may result in having 12 or more DICOM send destinations on the PACS for the RadPix Teaching File system (1 for each of the main subspecialties), it can be very useful for the end users to find their cases.

The subspecialty fields on the on the left side of the main query page can then be clicked to filter the cases by subspecialty. The 4th column in the example below, shows NR (purple), GU (yellow) and GI (green) cases with those values having been automatically added via the AETitle.

Modality filters are set automatically from the DICOM files as they are received by RadPix. They can also be added later to ease the process of finding the correct draft case.

Subspecialty filter set to “GU” and modality filter set to “CT”.

Cases filtered to subspecialty “GU” (yellow) and modality filter “CT” (blue), both in 4th column.

Advanced AETitle Configuration

AETitles can also be configured to direct cases to a specific storage or RadPix group (link).

From Configuration screen, showing Called AETitle is NOT mapped to a RadPix function, but the Calling AETitle is mapped to Subspecialty (link).