Delete / Add / Reorder images

Image select

Click the image select icon (red) from the edit case page to delete, add or reorder images from a case.

The images can be displayed in Image Mode or Series Mode. Switch modes by clicking the toggle button in the upper right corner..

Toggle between Image Mode and Series Mode.
Image View
Series View

Image View Mode

All images are viewed in the grid displayed. This is the initial display mode. Images can be selected by clicking them to select.

Series View Mode

Each series will be displayed on a separate row. Use scroll wheel to advance through images.

Note Coronal series is 3rd column

Rearrange Series order

Click Lock/Unlock series button

Button will change to green when selected.

Click on a series and drag and drop to change series order.

Coronal series is now in the first row.

Unsynchronized Scrolling

The images are displayed with a scroll bar below the row of images.  Dragging the scroll bar shows the images in the series. Alternatively, by pressing Shift or Control while moving the scroll wheel on the mouse, the images will advance in the same image panel.

Synchronized Scrolling

The images will all scroll horizontally together. This is useful when sorting and deleting multiple phase studies.

Deleting Images

The images in the case will be displayed in a table. Images to be deleted can be selected in the following ways:

Highlighted Images
  • Single image select
    • Click an image and its border will be highlighted.
  • Multiple image select
    • Select a series of images by clicking the first, then hold down the Shift key, then select the last image.  The border of the selected images will be highlighted.
  • Select multiple images by holding down the Control key and clicking images.
  • Select every Nth image dropdown menu allows the user to rapidly decrease the number of images in a case. For example, the dropdown allows the user to select every 3rd image. By then clicking delete, the number of images can be quickly reduced without manually selecting images.
Select every other image
Select every third image

At the top of the images, the numbers indicate Image Number (Example – 9, 10), and filename (0002-0002-0009 and 0002-0002-0010).

Delete Images

After the images are selected, click the delete icon to delete images.

Add Images

Drag and Drop images onto the window to add.  DICOM, JPG, PNG and TIFF images can be added.  DICOM images are processed the same as when they are sent to RadPix from a DICOM device. This includes DICOM header anonymization and automatic region blackout.

Images can also be added from a PC by clicking the Add Images icon.   A browse window allows the user to select images and add them to the case.

Reorder Images

Click and drag images to reorder.  Click the save icon when done.

Edit Series Name

Click to edit series name.

Text box to change series name.


Select AllSelect all images
Select NoneDeselect all images
Invert SelectionInverted selected images
Select number of columnsDrop down menu to select number of columns. Click to change.
Close Window Close