Presentation – Participant View

Presentation cases

Click case to view

Case viewer

Return to presentation list of cases

Advance through cases in presentation

Change series layout

Enlarge image – or press space bar on keyboard

Change window and level

Toggle image annotations

Select series

Go to first image in series

Back 1 image

Forward 1 image

Go to last image in series

Enlarge Image

In the multiseries viewer mode, when the mouse is moved around, the border of the image below the mouse will be highlighted in yellow. To enlarge that image, press the space bar or the enlarge icon at the upper right corner of each image panel.

To return to multiseries viewing, press the space bar again.

Cursor on upper left image, edges highlighted in yellow.
Press space key to enlarge upper left image.

As the cursor is moved around the 2 x 2 images, the border of he image under the cursor is highlighted in yellow. Press the space bar or the enlarge button in the upper right corner of each image panel to enlarge. To return to the 2 x 2 images, press space bar again.

Answering questions

Example question
Click to select answer
Click Submit button
Response after submission.

After submitting an answer, the participant will be shown the correct answer, and additional discussion regarding the question and answers will be displayed.