Logging Configuration

Only the main application log needs to be enabled. The others are for debugging and for specific purposes to collect usage data.

Various system logs which can be cleared and downloaded. Current downloads the most recent log, while History brings up a list of logs that can be downloaded. The number in parentheses indicated how many logs are available. In the case below, there are 4.

Sample history download of AdminLog.

Application LogMain application log
Log Video CreationIncludes details regarding creation of MP4 videos from multiframe DICOM files.
Log ReindexingIncludes details regarding most recent reindex.
Log Administrative Updates
Log Case Updates
Log User Updates
Log Solr Queries
Log DICOM SCPDICOM SCP receiver log.
Log PHILogs patient information.
Log DICOM Headers when logging PHI
Log Security Events
Log Success Events when logging Security
Question Response Log