RadPix Capture Usage

After the program is launched, it will minimize the Windows tray and be ready for use. The tray is the area in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen next to the clock.

The icon to launch the screen will initially be hidden but can be accessed by clicking the up arrow icon in the tray. Depending on the output destination, the border around the icons will change as shown before each destination shown below.

RadPix Capture can save images to several different applications and file types.

Right-click on the RadPix Capture icon to select different output destinations.

TIP: To save the same region of the screen multiple times, hold the Control key down and left-click the RadPix icon.

Capture to PowerPoint

Left-click the RadPix Capture icon.

A yellow crosshair appears.

Left-click and drag across an image.

When you release the left mouse, the region will be captured and inserted into PowerPoint.

Capture to JPG

Same as Capture to PowerPoint.

Capture to TIFF

Same as Capture to PowerPoint.

Capture to BMP

Same as Capture to PowerPoint.

Capture / Create Publication Image

Capture to PSD

Same as Capture to PowerPoint.

Multiple Image Capture to Video, PPT, JPG