Case Creation

There are 2 ways to create new teaching files.

  1. Send DICOM images to RadPix
    1. The recommended technique is to send DICOM images to the RadPix Teaching File System from a PACS or workstations.
      1. This typically is done by selecting a set of images from a PACS or workstation and then doing a DICOM send of the images to RadPix.  Configuration of the PACS client may require assistance from a PACS administrator.
      2. RadPix will automatically assemble the received DICOM images into cases.
      3. New cases are available in the Draft area.
  2. Create a new empty case and then add content.
    1. On main query page, click the Add icon and select Create New Case.
    2. Add Title (Required).
    3. Fill in the Case Information information.
      1. Note: the Owner, Read, and Export fields are filled in with Department, indicating all logged in users have access to Edit, Read and Export the case.  (Owners can edit a case).  Adjust as desired by clicking individual users and groups.
    4. Click Save Changes.
    5. Add Images
      1. Switch to Edit mode by clicking Edit icon.
        1. Drag and Drop DICOM and JPG images into the right hand pane of window.
      2. Click Image List  icon.
        1. Drag and Drop images into popup window.  DICOM images will be recognized, and an image preview will appear.  If a preview doesn’t show, but the files are identified as DICOM, the images will upload fine.
        2. Series name from the images is used.  Can enter new series name if desired.
        3. Click Upload icon in upper left corner with green background.