Case Viewing

Main Query Page

This is the page first displayed when the system is first loaded.

On the left hand side are the search and filter panels.


Click “Search Text” to enter text to be searched. Clicked Search button when completed.

The advanced section contains checkboxes which can be checked to limit the search to specific fields in the teaching files.

Subspecialty and Modality

By checking any of the subspecialty and modality checkboxes, the search will be limited to cases with those selections.


  • BI – Breast Imaging
  • CAR – Cardiothoracic
  • GI – Gastrointestinal
  • GU – Genitourinary
  • MSK – Musculoskeletal
  • NR – Neuroradiology
  • NM – Nuclear Medicine
  • PEDS – Pediatrics
  • PUL – Pulmonary
  • US – Ultrasound
  • VIR – Vascular Interventional
  • PHY – Physics


  • AN – Angiography
  • CT – Computed Tomography
  • MR – Magnetic Resonance
  • NM – Nuclear Medicine
  • OTH – Other
  • PET – Positron Emission Tomography
  • US – Ultrasound
  • XR – X-ray, Radiography

Case of the Day

The Case of the Day is displayed on the main query page at the top right. Selected images and text from the Case of the Day are displayed with series of changing images, to entice the user to click to view the case.

Main Query Display

TitleAuthorsDatesSubspecialty and ModalityImages
Case title.Author names and institutions.2 Dates listed. Top date is last edit date and bottom is first created date.Icons listed for both subspecialty and modality. Click filters on left to limit searches.Selected case images.

Case Display

Clicking on a link in the right hand panel of the main query page will display a case.

By clicking on the purple bars in the left side of the screen, text will be revealed for the findings.

Use the mouse wheel to advance through the images.

Click this button when it appears in the bottom right corner of the window, and the annotated image will be displayed.  This is a great way to verify the user finds the abnormality. The image is first viewed without annotations, and is a test for the user.


Depending on the user’s settings, the following icons will be visible in the upper left corner of the window.

HomeReturn to Main Query page
SettingsAdmin functionsDepends on the user's level of access. Admin functions available.
ReviewReviewing systemVisible to
Completed casesClick to view to completed cases.Click case to view.
Draft casesClick to view the draft cases.Click case to edit.
Edit caseClick to switch to edit mode.Text and annotations can be added to each case.

These icons show the functions available for the case and/or image.

ExportExport case imagesExport images as
- PowerPoint
- PowerPoint stack
- TIFF with annotations
PointerPointerDeselect objects
CropCrop imagesCropped images can be exported as in Export (above).
Apply toApply functions Export, Crop to Current Image, Series, All images
Series NameDrop down menu to select series to view.
Toggle Full ScreenToggle viewing of text content (left side of screen).

Toggle Login / Log off and Help

Login / LogoffClick to Login or Logoff
HelpDisplay help pages