Case Viewing

Main Query Page

This is the page first displayed when the system is first loaded.

On the left hand side are the search and filter panels. The cases can be filtered on various parameters as described below.

My RadPix and Search Filters

My RadPix shows the status of the user and the system. Each of these bars can be clicked to filter on that group of cases.

  • My Cases – number of cases created by the user.
  • My Edit Cases – number of cases that can be edited by user.
  • Completed Cases – number of completed cases the user can view.
  • Unviewed Cases – number of cases in the system the user has not viewed.
  • New Cases – Number of new cases since last logged in.
  • Updated Cases – Number of updated cases since last logged in.
  • Draft Cases – Number of Cases in Draft. Click to select.
  • New Draft Cases – Number of new draft cases since last logged in.
  • Trash Bin Cases – (Only visible to admin) number of deleted cases.
  • All Cases – number of cases in the system.

Click “Search Text” to enter text to be searched. Clicked Search button when completed.

The advanced section contains checkboxes which can be checked to limit the search to specific fields in the teaching files.

Subspecialty, Modality and Level

By checking any of the subspecialty and modality checkboxes, the search will be limited to cases with those selections.


  • BI – Breast Imaging
  • CAR – Cardiothoracic
  • GI – Gastrointestinal
  • GU – Genitourinary
  • MSK – Musculoskeletal
  • NR – Neuroradiology
  • NM – Nuclear Medicine
  • PEDS – Pediatrics
  • PUL – Pulmonary
  • US – Ultrasound
  • VIR – Vascular Interventional
  • PHY – Physics


  • AN – Angiography
  • CT – Computed Tomography
  • MR – Magnetic Resonance
  • NM – Nuclear Medicine
  • OTH – Other
  • PET – Positron Emission Tomography
  • US – Ultrasound
  • XR – X-ray, Radiography


  • PRI – Primary
  • INT – Intermediate
  • ADV – Advanced


The series of stars can be used to filter cases based on the average score given to the case by end users. Starting from the left-most star (1) to the right-most star (5), the cases can be filtered. In the example below, cases rated as 3 star and above will be shown.


Enter text to search for in cases, then click the search button. In the example below, any case with the word “liver” in it will be returned.

To search for text in individual fields, such as Title, Author, Abstract, etc., click the Advanced filter and check the appropriate box.

Case Viewing

Click on one of the rows showing a case to view that case.

The set of images defined on the main query page can be viewed by clicking the right or left arrow icons (yellow box) to advance forward or backward through the set of cases.