Images can be exported in several formats by clicking either the Download or Crop icons when viewing cases.

  • JPG
    • Original size images are exported.
  • TIFF (with annotations)
    • Images are output in publication quality and size.
    • If the images are annotated, the exported images are annotated as well. This is much quicker than Photoshop and is simple!
  • PowerPoint
    • 1 image on each slide
    • RadPix Scroller Click here for Sample PowerPoint Scroller Presentation
      • Directions for using RadPix Scroller
        • Put PowerPoint file in presentation mode
        • Click on scrollbar at bottom to activate
        • Advance through images
          • Use right and left arrow keys to advance through image while using mouse to point out findings (recommended)
          • Drag the scrollbar back and forth to advance through images
        • Notes
          • When a RadPix Scroller slide is pasted into another presentation, the destination presentation MUST be saved as a PowerPoint macro (.pptm), or the scroller will not work.
          • If the PowerPoint file containing a RadPix Scroller is saved using a MacOS version of PowerPoint, the scroller will NOT work anymore, since PowerPoint macros are NOT supported in the MacOS version of PowerPoint.
          • There is PowerPoint macro code that is used to scroll through the images.  The code is digitally signed for your safety. The digital signature is explained in this Microsoft Office website (Link). The digital signature was obtain through GoDaddy.com. The presence of a signed macro proves the code has not been tampered with since it was generated. Weadock Software, LLC is the certificate signer.

The video below is a PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode showing how the scroller works.

Click the video to play it