Tweeting Cases

Make a tweet like this just a few steps.

A few setup requirements are needed:

  • Case must have read access set to public.
  • Case must be stored in a folder with Public access.
  • User must be logged in.
  • Twitter access must be allowed in settings. Contact for more information.

Steps to create tweet

  • View case.
  • Scroll images in 1 x 1 viewer. Select image to include in tweet.
  • Select Case Functions in upper left corner.
  • Create Twitter Link with current image.
  • Popup appears with tweet options.
  • Enter Title (optional), Description, Creator.

Copy Link to Clipboard – Paste into Twitter (URL at bottom of page is copied to clipboard)

Test Twitter Link – Shows what information will be sent to Twitter

Test Twitter Link – user – Shows what link to case will look like from Twitter

Paste URL into Twitter

Resultant tweet