Case Supplements

Case supplements are typically PowerPoint files that further discuss the case, and include Diagrams, Graphics, Tables, etc. that are easier to create in programs other than RadPix. They can be easily added to RadPix. PowerPoint, PDF, JPG, PNG files can all be added.

Adding Case Supplements

Click Edit button

Click Supplement bar to open popup

Drag and Drop a supplement file into this box.

Supplement File Types

PDF – Preferred

  • Immediate loading of images during presentation
  • High quality text and graphics
  • Save PowerPoint as a PDF file is recommended. Videos and animations will not work with this technique however.


  • PowerPoint file loads from server when clicked, so may be a delay if the PowerPoint File is large.
  • Best if PowerPoint file saved as a PowerPoint Show “.ppsx.” The PowerPoint file will load and display in presentation mode, making a smooth transition from the RadPix screen to PowerPoint. After the last slide is shown, PowerPoint will exit and the screen will be back at the RadPix screen.


  • Individual PNG or JPG files work well also.
After Drag and Drop of Supplement file.
Click Save (Upper left green icon).
File saved to server, thumbnail shows. Preview buttons (red box) become visible.

Supplement Preview Options

Click on images to advance or use scroll wheel.

PDF Supplement – “Display as List of JPG’s”

PDF Supplement – “Display in PDF Viewer”