The quiz field allows the author to create an interactive question.  Users can answer the question and get feedback and remediation on their answers. Previous user data is displayed to show how others have answered the question. 

Click a question to edit, or the “+” icon to add a new question. There are checkboxes for “Expand on Case View” and “Only Visible to Editors”. Delete a question by clicking on the trash can next to it.

Adding a Question

Create a question by filling in the text fields. Multiple choice or survey type questions are  supported.

Default Questions

“Default Questions”, allows the administrator to add typical questions, such as “What is the most likely diagnosis?”, that can be selected by clicking the drop down box. To make a new default question, the admin writes the question in the Question Text area, then clicks the “+” icon.

Question Text

Enter the question stem.  Check the “Survey Question” box if the question type is a survey, i.e. no right or wrong answer. Also called a polling question, such as “What brand of CT scanner do you use?”


Up to 5 multiple choice answers are allowed. Check the box next to Correct answer to designate the correct answer to the question. Enter text into the reason text field to explain why the selection is correct or incorrect.

User Interaction for Questions

This is an example of how a question is presented to a user. The first question is displayed and the second question is collapsed. Click the 2nd question stem to view and answer the question.

The user clicks to make a selection, and the “Submit” button appears.  The user clicks the button to submit his or her answer.

Answer response

Presenter Interactions for Questions

If a user can edit the case, he or she can also view the number of user answers in real time. This can be used for an interactive presentation.

Click the “?” to see user responses.

  1. Toggle View all Results and View all today results.
  2. Toggle to show correct answer and answer distribution.
  3. Close interactive panel and return to question.
  4. Total number of answers to question, based on All results or Today’s results.
  1. Answers, with correct in green.
  2. Number of answers for each choice.
  3. Percentage of each selected answer.

Edit Question Options

Field visibility

Third icon from left on each text field (History, Findings, Differential Dx, etc.) sets the text bar to remain closed until the viewer answers all questions for the case. In the above example, the findings field is not shown until the viewer answers the questions.


Three options can be set for questions on the left side.

  1. Clear question responses.
  2. Question can be set to be visible when the case is first opened.
  3. Toggle to set visibility for editors or anyone.