DICOM Actions and Image Quarantine

There are various DICOM image types that contain patient information embedded in the image data. DICOM Actions allow the system to filter images that may have patient information and allow the editor to review and clean the images before they are added to a case. Click here for information on DICOM Actions.

Based on system-defined DICOM tag values, images are quarantined and not part of a case until they are reviewed. All images from the same case are quarantined together. During the review process, a blackout tool can be used to put a black box across part of an image, eliminating the visible patient information. The blackout box can be applied to an individual image, a series, or all the quarantined images for the case.

The images can then be approved to move out of the quarantine and are then added to the case. Alternatively, the image(s) can be deleted from the quarantine (and the case).


When images are added to a case, either by a DICOM send, or Drag and Drop, the DICOM tags from each image are reviewed. If any of the tags match the DICOM Actions, the image is quarantined.

When the case is viewed, a window displays the following

Images in quarantine

Scroll to advance through image. Blackout tool is initially selected. Left click and drag across image to black out areas of the image.

Applying blackout box to cover patient information.Final images have patient information removed.

Before and after applying a black box to remove patient information from the images. There is an option to apply black box to individual image, series or all images. The blackout area is applied to the source DICOM images.

Selecting Resolve DICOM Action Images

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DICOM Action explanation that caused Image Quarantine
Blackout tool
Approve – Removes image(s) from Quarantine and adds to case
Delete image(s)
Apply actions (Blackout, Approve, Delete) to Current Image, Series, all Images
Select series via dropdown menu

Show only Valid Images

Shows only images that have not been quarantined and those that the quarantine has been resolved.