Case Creation by sending images from a PACS

Cases can be creating by sending images from a PACS to the RadPix Teaching File System. This is the most streamlined process, as images are selected as the case is read. Depending on the PACS system, individual images, series, or entire cases can be sent to RadPix. Some PACS allow the user to select images by holding down the Control key and clicking images to create a group of selected images. The selected group of images can then be sent to RadPix. This is often the most efficient way to create a case. Although RadPix can handle a large number of images per case, from an educational standpoint it may be more useful to select a subset of images showing the images of interest. If only entire studies or series can be sent, there is a sorting tool in RadPix which can be used to delete images as desired. A free DICOM sending tool is available from RSNA is described here.

Configuring a PACS to send images to RadPix will probably need help from your PACS administrators. Link

Images are sent via a DICOM send from the PACS. The images are arranged into separate cases based on the patient identification in the DICOM images.

New Cases are in “Draft” status

Click Draft bar on left panel of main screen to view cases in Draft.

Select case to edit

Completed or Draft cases can be edited if the user has permission.

Edit case

Click to Open a case, and if the user has edit permission, the Edit icon will be visible.

Click edit icon to switch into Edit mode. Icon background will turn yellow.
Edit icon is yellow after it is clicked. The case can now be edited.

Edit Text for Case

Click bars to edit text for History, Findings, Discussion, Diagnosis, etc.

Special text areas

Edit Images

  • Invert
  • Pointer
  • Zoom
  • Window / Level
  • Crop
  • Blackout
  • Circle
  • Paint
  • Arrow
  • Line
  • Measure

Set Case as Complete

Case will now appear in the Completed Cases section