Home Functions

User preferences for annotating images:

  • Color
    • Standard color selector. The crosshatched color (if any) shows the transparency activated.
  • Transparency
    • Default at 70% to allow underlying structures to be visible.
  • Line Width
  • Arrowhead Width
  • Arrowhead Length
  • Font Name
  • Font Size
  • Circle Diameter

Note: Administrator can reset all users’ default settings in Site Configuration / Annotations page by selecting True for “Apply these annotation settings to all users” as shown below.

Clear case views for user

On the main query page, there is a 3 way toggle between “All Cases Visible”, “Previously viewed cases visible”, and “Never viewed cases visible”. This selection removes the user’s viewing history.

Question Results

User statistics regarding questions displayed.

Question and user response can be viewed by clicking on the question.

Hide case titles in search grid

Checking the box removes the title from the main search page as shown in above right image .