RadPix Settings Configuration

Enable TagsAllow users to add tags to cases. See Link for more information about Tags.
Admin Mode when logged in as adminA user who is an admin will see the system as all other users when this is set to Disable. A pull down menu option to switch to admin mode is available from the settings pull down menu on the main window.
Login Popup Message
The text area that says “Welcome to Mobilerad!” can be replaced by entering text into this field. Note: Use $n to create a new line.
Case Cache Heartbeat Setting determines how frequently server checks for new images.
Default is 500.
This is the number of milliseconds that the client waits before checking how many images are currently being downloaded. If the number is less than the Case Cache Concurrent Requests, the client makes more image requests to the server to match Case Cache Concurrent Requests. Link to download tuning.
Case Cache Max Concurrent RequestsSetting determines how many requests server can process at the same time.
Default is 4.
This is the number of images that each client attempts to download at the same time.
Link to download tuning.
Case Cache WaitSetting determines how the image case cache functions. Probably does not need to ever be changed.
Draft Case Delete after DaysDeletes Draft cases after a certain number of days. Enter 0 to never delete draft cases.
Trash Bin Delete after Days Deletes Trash Bin cases after a certain number of days. Enter 0 to never empty the trash bin.
Append ‘Baseline’ Text to Image TitlesAdds text above images to show time interval between images.

Note grey bar above images:


Baseline + 19 days

Baseline + 4 months + 22 days

JPEG Image QualityJPEG Image Quality. Values can be 0-100. Suggest at least 85.
New Case Default PermissionsSelect RadPix Group that will automatically be applied to new cases when images received from DICOM transfer.
Case Default CopyrightSet Copyright text for cases.