Site Functions

Clear Case view for {username}

Deletes user case access for the logged in user

User Manager

Access User Manager to change settings for user.  This includes user password, affiliation, RadPix groups, etc.

Special Reindex All Documents

Special reindex updates database for older version.

Image / Case Utilities

Sample DICOM files

Evaluates all DICOM files in system to determine which if any the system cannot appropriately handle.  RadPix support will direct usage of this option if needed.  Phantom or anonymized DICOM images can be sent to RadPix for evaluation if needed.

Create Cases from Images

Folders of images can be placed into the source folder.  When RadPix is restarted, it processes all files as if they had been sent via a DICOM send.  JPG and TIFF files can also be included.

Import Case

RadPix data files can be added by navigating to the folder and uploading.  RadPix also supports the RSNA MIRC case files.

Site Configuration

Site administrators have access to change a series of functions for the system.


Add RadPix registration key to system.

Activity Log

View activity of system by total site, user, case. 

Clear Case Views for All Users

Clear all user accesses and views.  This is not recoverable.