RadPix Updates 8/1/22

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Quarantine mode

Based on DICOM header values, images are put into quarantine for visual review prior to being put into a case.

Update RadPix Fields

Easily update fields such as read/write permissions, authors, case and user tags on multiple cases all at once.

Clickable Links

URL links to other webpages can be added to cases, based on system-wide setting.

Twitter links

Twitter posts, including images can be created from cases, based on system-wide setting.

Delete Storage Service

Storage services can now be deleted.

Extensive improvements to Presentations

Add supplementary PPT, PDF, JPG images to presentations and cases.

Localization on multiple different planes

“Slow” double click on an image region will show that location on different image planes.

Tracking Lines

Similar to a PACS, a line will be drawn across other image planes to show location.

ROI and Measurements Tools

Tools added to editing and presentations.

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